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Aura Healing 

At the San Jose Psychic Institute we see healing as the spiritual ability to change energy.  Your physical body is made to run on your personal spiritual energy.  When your energy is influenced by the energy of others that can create discomfort in your body.  This discomfort can take the form of feeling tired, heavy, apathetic, or it can cause physical pain.  A spiritual healing can release foreign energies and their effects.  The result is often a feeling of lightness, vibrance, enthusiasm, and physical ease as your body experiences only your spiritual energy flowing through your space.

These healings are given to you by folks who have, at a minimum, completed our Tap into Your True Self class and our Healing I class. They have learned how to communicate and work with their powerful healing guide called  “Healing Masters.” Together they clear foreign energy from the spiritual parts of you, primarily your aura, your chakras, and your energy channels.  As they assist you in releasing foreign energy they replenish your space with the vibration of your highest spiritual essence.


Thank you for the lovely long-distance healing. It was incredible — at the appointed time, I heard a distant bell ringing, then I felt the work being done to clear away unwanted energy in my aura. What an amazing difference, I feel like it really worked, and I will keep working to ground and to release the old painful memories. My mother and husband both said they felt a sense of peace and calm during the healing. I feel like now I can let go and move on with the good things in life.


— LW, Arizona



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