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Aura Healing Clinic

A healing is the spiritual ability to change energy in the physical body — to change from heavy to light, tired to alive and vibrant, pain to ease, and from apathy to enthusiasm! When you heal the spirit you can heal the body. This is a place for you to relax, let go, and receive, get energy blocks moving, release effort, and enjoy your new-found space.

These healings are given to you by folks who have, at a minimum, completed our 6-week Healing 1 Class. They know how to communicate and work with their powerful healing guide called a “Healing Master.” Together they work on the spiritual part of you — your aura. They assist you in releasing pain and replenishing with the energy of your highest spiritual essence. This is a drop-in clinic. No appointment necessary.

Saturdays 2:30–4:00 pm Free

Thank you for the lovely long-distance healing. It was incredible — at the appointed time, I heard a distant bell ringing, then I felt the work being done to clear away unwanted energy in my aura. What an amazing difference, I feel like it really worked, and I will keep working to ground and to release the old painful memories. My mother and husband both said they felt a sense of peace and calm during the healing. I feel like now I can let go and move on with the good things in life.


— LW, Arizona

Avatar Healings

Avatar is a fascinating word. Its origins stem from both Hindu and Sanskrit. Some of its ancient variety of meanings include “descent of a deity to Earth,” “incarnation,” “descent of the Supreme Being,” and “God in the Flesh.” Our modern definition of this word is “a single spirit or being traversing from one body into another.”

The healers giving this healing are graduates of our Clairvoyant Program. They will be working with you in a clairvoyant state while channeling their highest essence from both their past, and future lifetimes. You are more than you think you are; come to the Avatar healing clinic and get a healing on your higher self.  (This Healing Clinic Is currently in Transformation,  please email judith@sanjosepsychic.org or call 408-879-0944 for more information.)

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