Tap Into Your True Self...Where All Things Are Possible

Is there a level of your life beyond the possessions, tasks and obligations that fill your time and attention?  Are you too busy focusing on the future or the past to be alive in the now?  There is a reason you where born, something you intended to do.  Do you know what it is?  Have you been distracted from it?  You can stop trying to be what other people think you should be and begin to become who you truly are.  Finding your personal truth allows you to let go and release demands, expectations, and responsibilities imposed upon you by others, allowing you to create the life you desire.

Looking Within:  A Journey Of Spiritual Self-Discovery. We provide a safe sanctuary space for sensitive people to learn, explore, and practice using ones spiritual abilities in the body. "Tap Into Your True Self"  is a class at the San Jose Psychic Institute where you will learn spiritual tools for communicating with yourself.  It is in knowing yourself that you become capable of finding that still place within where all things are possible.

Classes and Workshops

  • Tap into Your True Self I and II
  • Healing I and II
  • Women’s Creativity
  • Your Magical Chakra Body * Classes For Beginners, Clairvoyant Program Students, & Grads
  • Men's Retreats
  • SOPHIA: Advanced Healing Classes For Women *For Clairvoyant Program Students, & Grads

Readings and Meditations

  • Two-hour Aura Reading
  • One-Hour Reading by Rev. Judith Catalano
  • Monthly Meditations *For Clairvoyant Program Students & Grads


  • Clairvoyant Program
  • Spiritual Mastery Program (Living Your Life’s Purpose)

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