Spiritual Mastery Program

Mastery BlueHeadAre you a Clairvoyant Program graduate?

In the CCSG Spiritual Mastery Program, you will learn to develop and deepen your ability to find your own truth by teaching others to do the same. You will come to appreciate how much information you have as you learn to share it with others. You will discover your spiritual calling and manifest your life’s purpose.

The program consists of three modules: Leadership, Ministry, and Teaching. Everyone starts with the Leadership Module. You may then do the Ministry Module, Teaching Module, or both.

Leadership Module
This module will teach the specifics of leadership, and how to own your crown chakra at work, social gatherings, in family situations, and in your communication with others. You will work on releasing the energy of competition, organization, and religion and become neutral while healing yourself. You will learn to deprogram religious energy, the energy of other teachers, spirit guides, and family members.

Teaching Module
This track will focus specifically on the art of spiritual teaching, on owning your information, how to be in communication (vs. competition or isolation), how to set the energy for a class, work the energy for a class, and of your students, and how to prepare a curriculum. You will also learn how to use your voice, set your goals clairvoyantly, handle “problem” students, blow core pictures, work your karma with your students, handle responsibilities, and deprogram yourself.

Ministry Module
As a spiritual teacher, you will learn how to handle the religious energy of various religions; you will learn advanced clairvoyant reading, provide missionary healings, and counsel others. You will also learn to find your truth about prayer, scripture, church, and your religious past lives. As preparation for your ordination, you will learn how to perform ceremonies and sacraments such as: weddings, baptisms, funerals, as well as the commensurate counseling.

What you’ll do:

  • Attend 14 classes over 30 weeks
  • Attend a monthly staff meeting
  • Go to at least one board meeting
  • Read once a week
  • Receive an energy check once a month
  • Participate in a leadership activity once a week
  • Plan, execute, and present a project that benefits the CCSG community
  • Optional: be a mentor to a clairvoyant student
  • Teaching Module: control a class, reading, and co-teach classes
  • Ministry Module: co-create church services and sacraments

The Spiritual Mastery Program is taught by experienced teachers in our community including, but not limited to: Rev. Judith Catalano, Rev. Jon Cooke, Rev. Benedicte Last, Rev. Marc Shargel, Rev. Janine Vashio, and several guest teachers. Take your next step and become the leader you were born to be!