Clairvoyant Program

San Jose Psychic Institute’s Clairvoyant Program is an amazing opportunity.


This intensive spiritual training program is for the person who wants to develop his or her own psychic abilities. The word "psychic" comes from the Greek, and means "of or pertaining to the spirit." In this program you will have the opportunity to become deeply aware of your spiritual identity and gain certainty in using your spiritual abilities. This is all done from within your physical body.


Students in the Clairvoyant Program of the San Jose Psychic Institute are encouraged to enjoy and experiment with their new found, or perhaps rediscovered, psychic abilities within a  structured curriculum. We refer to this as "psychic kindergarten," where the energy vibration is controlled by capable psychic teachers, and the students are free to safely explore as they learn by doing.  This is a place to realize that making mistakes is okay, natural, and often even funny. 


You will learn to recognize the energy in your own space that does not belong to you, remove it and replenish with your own fresh, vital life force energy.  You will learn to heal yourself and other people with a Healing Master so you do not drain yourself or take on other people's problems.  You will learn to make separation from another person while you heal or read them so you can retain your own autonomy. (Part of this taught in the 6-week Healing I class.)


Learning to create a mock-up will empower you to create your dreams, wishes, and goals.  You will learn tools to protect your space and be in the center of your own universe.  This is a life changing program of spiritual growth and new found awareness.  This clairvoyant process will enlighten and awaken your sense of play, kindergarten and fun! If you are looking for a spiritual adventure into yourself incorporating self validation and affinity, this is the program for you!



Tap Into Your True Self, Tap Into Your True Self: Part 2, Healing I, Women’s Intuition or Men’s Healing Class.

* These four 6-week courses can be taken concurrently with the Clairvoyant Program with the exception of Tap Into Your True Self, which must be taken prior to beginning the program.


Beginning Clairvoyant Training Program:  Introduction to Clairvoyant Tools: Learn to meditate, do healings, understand chakras, read past lives and auras. Heal yourself while in a reading, move matching pictures and energy out of your space. With the “Tap Into Your True Self II” tools, you will learn how to give to yourself while using fundamental clairvoyant tools.


Advanced Clairvoyant Training Program:  Advanced Clairvoyant Tools: Learn to see your Akasha, learn to Erase, connect with your creative rings and your higher self, recognize different levels of spiritual beings, deprogram patterns and stuck energy.  These are a small sample of some of the spiritual tools and abilities that one can experience through this Life Changing Spiritual Training.


Some Of The Tools That Are Taught:

  • Meditation In the Body
  • Grounding & Blowing Roses
  • Mock-ups
  • Running Energy
  • Protection Rose
  • The Rose Reading
  • The Aura Reading
  • The Chakra Reading
  • How To Read Symbols
  • Past Lives & Past Life Aura
  • Karma
  • Deprogramming Mental Image Pictures
  • Deprogramming Out-Dated Genetic Energy
  • Healing with a Spirit Guide, Oneself & Others
  • Learning Separation while healing & reading
  • Akashic Records
  • Deprogramming
  • Erasures
  • Astral Bodies
  • Creative Rings
  • Different Types Of Beings
  • Spiritual Anchor Point In The Physical Body
  • & More...


The Program Includes:


  • 1 Clairvoyant Training Class per week- at Judith's or online
  • 1 - 2-1/2  Hour Supervised Aura Reading Sessions per week
  • 1 Spiritual Counseling, called and “Energy Check” per month
  • Erasure Lectures- 2 per year (These will be done in another location...To Be Announced


Weekly Clairvoyant Classes:

Thursdays 6:30-9:30 pm PST

Aura Reading Times:

Tuesday 6:30 - 9:45 pm PST


Reading Sessions Include:

1/2 hour Personal meditation to find your space- running energy

1/2 hour Guided Group Meditation

2 Hour Reading Session- lead by staff - Reading: Chakras, Rose and Aura

1/2 hour Meditation to clean out and make separation

To Participate Students Must:

  • Be free of any mind altering drugs or alcohol during all classes and readings
  • Be on time to all activities
  • Meditate for 1/2 hour before scheduled activity time.  This is done in the beginning of each class
  • Be nice to each other, teacher, readees and self
  • Be in Kindergarten:  play, learn, grow
  • Have Amusement: Be able to Laugh at oneself!


Contribution:  The 1 year Clairvoyant Program is $3,450.  $700 down and $250 per month for 11 months.  


We are a spiritual non-profit 501(c)(3); Therefore: This program has a strict no refund policy.   Contributions made to Community Church For Spiritual Growth may be tax deductible.


“Is this program right for me?”
To discuss the SJPI Clairvoyant Training Program with our Director contact Rev. Judith Catalano  408-879-0944 or email

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