San Jose Psychic Programs

The San Jose Psychic Institute offers a variety of programs for your spiritual and personal growth. For beginning students, we offer a one year Clairvoyant Program designed to help you learn the tools necessary to become a psychic and access your spiritual wisdom.

We welcome creativity and playfulness. Our teachers have learned a lot over their many years of psychic study and tutelage. You will be able to benefit from their years of experience as they honor the fact that you have your own unique spiritual information and that you may not exactly fit into a box! Psychic training is about understanding who you really are as a spirit in a body and how to let go of all energy that isn’t yours!

You will learn to see spirit, communicate with spirit, and how to be in, and out, of your body as a spirit.

If you are a graduate of another institute or school, feel free to check out our graduate program.