Women’s Empowerment
Wednesdays, Aug 18 – Sept 22
7:00 – 9:30 pm

Contribution is $240.
*Prerequisite: Tap Into Your True Self
This Is An Easy To Use Online Class

Wrap yourself into the highest form of creativity on planet earth, your Female Creative Essence. Feel it’s unimaginable power that is stored inside of you…your female body.

This energy creates life!  But, what do you do with this creativity while you are not pregnant?  Realize, as a female, you have this power, this magical essence of creation. Bring forth anything…and everything.

Learn how to…

  • Uncover and use your female essence to create for yourself instead of unconsciously creating for others
  • Clear out the emotions of other people’s energy that you are managing
  • Ground out the unconscious energies that hide the gifts stored in your female body
  • Communicate and work with your “Healing Mistress”
  • Nurture yourself in wellness with your energy  (It’s like having a calm spa that is inside of you)

Join now and embrace a new YOU!

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