This is the place to start.  “Tap into Your True Self” is the Prerequisite for all of the other classes and programs

You can uncover who you truly are, a spiritual being, and how to use your spiritual abilities in your physical body. Tap into a still place within where all things are possible!   Or, as most of our students are say,  “It’s too hard to hide our abilities, pretending that they do not exist.” And, “It’s easier to let my abilities be real.  It makes it simple to create the changes I want in my life.”


  • Your spiritual ability to ground and release pain from your physical body
  • Your highest life-force energy and how to use that in your body
  • A temple for your attention inside of your head.  As spirit, what you place your attention on is what you are being and creating.
  • Learn how to safely “be you” and create for yourself
  • Your aura, the creative energy field around your body, and how to protect your space and energy
  • How to run your spiritual energy through your body in a way that feels good and is both fun and healing
  • How to raise your “Havingness!”  As spirit you are a creator and it is your birthright to have, do, and be anything you desire
  • Your “Mock-Up” tool.  This is a spiritual tool that you can use to create and manifest your goals.  (See what others have created by reading the testimonial page)

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