A Class Where You Can Start To Engage With Your Original Essence   

At this point in our human experience it is easy to have your sense of self convoluted by outside pressures.  You may feel deflated by the competition in social media, or confused by news broadcasts and advertising media.  Maybe you are being drained by the demands of your work and family?

The good news is that none of these things are who you are as spirit. 

In this 5 week class series you will learn how to:

– Define what your Divine Miracle Essence is and turn that concept into energy that you can use in your body.

– Gain easy access to new tools that stabilize and balance the things you value about life.

– Unburden yourself by participating in some fun and simple spiritual exercises that allow you to identify and release foreign energies that prevent you from 

   feeling good and being your true self.

– Explore and enjoy the boundless fun and freedom by tapping into your own divine essence, your true self.

– Incorporate all of the spiritual tools and healings you have learned in this class into your daily life and venture forward, anew, on the life path that you are  creating.


Tap Into Your Divine Miracle Essence

Wednesdays,  Nov 17 – Dec 15,  at 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Contribution: $200 and a Free Bonus Workshop for Clairvoyant Program Graduates 

*Prerequisite: Any Student That Has A “Healing Master” and “Psychic Surgeon”

This Is An Easy To Use Online Class