This intensive spiritual training program is for the person who wants to learn to develop his/her own psychic abilities.  The word “Psychic” comes from a Greek word that mean “of the spirit.”   In this program you will become aware of your spiritual identity and gain certainty in using your spiritual abilities.  This is all done from inside your physical body.

You will learn to recognize the energy in your own space that does not belong to you, remove it and replenish with your own fresh, vital life force energy.  You will learn to heal yourself and other people with a Healing Master so you do not drain yourself or take on other people’s problems.  You will learn to make separation from another person while you heal or read them so you can retain your own autonomy. (Part of this taught in the 6-week Healing I class.)

Learning to create a mock-up will empower you to create your dreams, wishes, and goals.  You will learn tools to protect your space and be in the center of your own universe.  This is a life changing program of spiritual growth and new found awareness.  This clairvoyant process will enlighten and awaken your sense of play, enjoyment of being alive, and fun!  If you are looking for a spiritual adventure into yourself, this is the program for you!


Tap Into Your True Self, Tap Into Your True Self: Part 2, Healing I, Women’s Intuition or Men’s Healing Class.

* These 6-week courses can be taken concurrently with the Clairvoyant Program with the exception of Tap Into Your True Self, which must be taken prior to beginning the program.
The Clairvoyant Spiritual Training Program is a one year program.  The door is open to enroll at any time.  Student will graduate with a certificate after completing one year of clairvoyant training and all of the 6-week courses.

If you have questions please contact Rev. Judith Catalano at 408-879-0944 or