2 Hour Aura Reading

The aura reading is done by students and graduates of our Clairvoyant Program. It lasts approximately 2 hours.  The readers use their clairvoyance to tune into you as spirit.  In complete neutrality, with no judgement,  they communicate to you exactly what they see.  Your reading will have four parts.

In the first part, the readers will look at some symbols that represent you as spirit in present time.  They will describe the symbols to you and give you their interpretation of what they mean.  You will learn many things such as, whether you are on your spiritual path, how long you have been incarnating on planet Earth, and what information you are currently using from your past lives.

In the second part, you will learn where your major chakras were set at birth and where they are set in the present.  Each chakra contains special spiritual abilities.  The readers will tell you which of those you are using now and which you are not.  You will also learn about your spiritual abilities that use a combination of charkras including precognition, psychometry, healing and more.

In the third part, the readers will use their clairvoyance to focus on the energy field around your body that we call your aura.  They will describe the colors they see and interpret what those colors mean for you as an individual.  Sometimes they will also see pictures, like photographs, in your energy field.  These pictures can represent particular life experiences, ideas you are currently exploring, or even things you are in the process of creating.

The last part of the reading is reserved for you to ask personal questions.  Readings at San Jose Psychic Institute work best as a dialog.  You are free to interrupt the readers to ask for clarification at any time.  To get the most out of your reading it is a good idea to write down three questions you would like answered.

We will provide you with a colored chart of your reading.  You may also record your reading using your cell phone or other recording device.  2 Hour Aura Readings happen on Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:30 pm.  They are $30.  Due to the shelter in place all of our readings happen online through Zoom.  The Zoom link for your reading will be emailed to you on the Monday before your reading is scheduled to happen.

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