Meet Our Staff

Staff judith-bio

Rev. Judith Catalano
Director of Spiritual Training & Clairvoyant Program

Like most children, I loved to play and laugh. I had boundless energy and no pain. I had an active, vivid imagination and played with invisible friends that apparently only I could see.  I often experienced lighthearted, encouraging conversations in my head with God, and was brimming with enthusiasm for all of the possibilities that my life has to offer. I was a psychic child.

I remember  vividly, at 14 years old walking along the creek bank in the glow of a May’s morning sun, when I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. “It’s so easy”; I told myself; “I’m going to teach people how to be happy and light!” The rest is history.

Like all of the staff, I’ve had years of spiritual training, classes, and programs in clairvoyance, healing, and teaching. Back in 2010, I observed the great wealth of information that the South Bay psychic teaching staff had to offer, and called us all together to create and manifest our own spiritual awareness and healing center called the Community Church for Spiritual Growth (CCSG) and its seminary, the San Jose Psychic Institute (SJPI).

I invite you to come in and check it out for yourself; just remember to...come as a child.

Staff marc-bio

Rev. Marc Shargel
Teacher, Founder, President of the Board of Directors of the Community Church for Spiritual Growth

I have been a clairvoyant reader over 35 years and a spiritual teacher for 30. Learning and practicing spiritual and psychic tools has changed my life. While I enjoy reading auras, it’s also rewarding to teach it. Aura reading allows me to understand the gifts and challenges of another person. By sharing this perspective, I can help others increase their self-knowledge, and choose better options for themselves. When I see obstacles that confront someone else, I can see my own more clearly, and when I see a path they might take around those obstacles, I may discover one for myself. Receiving a reading offers the possibility of an epiphany. Over time, doing readings guarantees it. Reading auras can bring a profound self-awareness. Teaching brings another layer of understanding, and I enjoy showing others a route to discover their own truth.

The most extraordinary journeys I’ve had are through meditations called “One-to-One... a one to one contact between the cosmic and a living soul.” One-to-One meditations allow one to explore his/her essential nature, beyond the boundaries of physical genetics, birth, and death. Exploring my personal universe, and guiding others as they explore theirs, has provided my deepest satisfaction.

Staff JanineRev. Janine Vashio
Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Community Church for Spiritual Growth

Rev. Janine Vashio is considered a Renaissance woman. Experienced as a Musician (Instrumentalist and Vocalist), Software Design Engineer, Information Systems Security Operations Manager, Sr. Product Marketer and Marketing Communications Consultant, General Manager, Author, Wedding Minister, Workshop Leader, Speaking-Voice Transition Coach, and Professional Speaker — Her breadth and depth offers a unique perspective as a spiritual leader, healer and teacher.

Clairvoyant since childhood, she took the clairvoyant program in 1991. Her current CCSG responsibilities include church communications and workshop coordination.

Rev. Janine’s passion is in reflecting a vision of a whole, autonomous being.

Staff jon-bioRev. Jon Cooke
Teacher, Founder, and past President of the Board of Directors of the Community Church for Spiritual Growth

Jon has been teaching people how to access their psychic abilities for over 20 years. He enjoys helping both beginners and advanced students find their freedom. He has the ability to give every person he sees a neutral spirit to spirit hello.

He’s also the creator and primary teacher for the avatar healing program. His unique abilities and information about alternate universes and realities bring a one of a kind perspective to the classes offered at CCSG.

He is an awesome, cool, and interesting character too!

Staff BenedicteRev. Dr. Benedicte Last
Teacher, Founder, past President of the Board of Directors of the Community Church for Spiritual Growth

Rev. Dr. Benedicte Last was born in the Netherlands and arrived in this country in 1990. Her psychic skills were honed by raising three children, and horse, cat, and dog whispering.

She took the Clairvoyant Program, the Teachers and Minister Program, the Hands On Healing Program, the One-to-One Program and One-to-One Mentors.

She has since practiced her psychic tools as a teacher, director, pastor, healer, and therapeutic horse riding instructor. She recently obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology, and works as a child psychologist, combining all forms of kindergarten. At CCSG, she teaches the Clairvoyant class, workshops, and Erasure lectures.