Divine Healing HandDivine Healing is a 2 part service that happens quarterly on the second Sunday of the month.

Part 1:  10:30 – Noon: For Clairvoyant Students and Graduates who wish to take a step up and learn a new set of healing tools—Check out the topic list below. Sign up for this class on the classes page. Contribution: $40

Part 2:  Noon – 1:00:  Students with one year or more of intense spiritual training offer Divine Healings to anyone who desires to experience this type of spiritual magic in their physical body. 


Divine Healing Topics


Divine Healing Bird

Setting Sacred Space

Sunday, October 8   10:30 – Noon  ( Healers, Clairvoyant Students & Grads)
Noon – 1:00  Healings,  Free and  Open To All

Healers will learn how to invoke the essence of the Supreme Being into the physical space where you do healings (and readings). You can use this energy to do healings and anointings using water or oils blessed with the energy of God. Healers will exchange readings and de-programmings on your communication space with the Supreme Being.


Divine Healing Bird

Christ Force Healings

Sunday, December 10   10:30 – Noon  (Healers, Clairvoyant Students & Grads)
Noon – 1:00  Healings, Free And Open To All 

Healers will learn how to set your crown chakra to a particular vibration of gold. This is the divine healing vibration of gold that Jesus brought to the planet. You will practice running this powerful healing energy through your arms and out your hand chakras.  Learn another new healing technique that is different from an aura healing.