A little about what our students learned...

"When I first became a student here a few years ago, I learned about my 'Havingness'.
I was able to mock-up small wishes like:
- A meaningful relationship w/ family and friends
- A raise at work
- A boyfriend


In the Clairvoyant Program, my wishes 'Mock-Ups' became limitless and bigger. In the
Last three years I bought a condo and now a house!"


Clairvoyant Student

"I came to the Psychic Institute at the same time I began to train to swim from Alcatraz, a 1.5 mile swim, followed by a 7 mile run to the Golden Gate Bridge for a race called Escape From The Rock.


Being overweight for most of my life and getting back into exercise, I knew this would take physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Through Meditation I, I was able to deepen my focus and 'Mock-Up' ability, which is seeing yourself having accomplished your goals and desires. During the journey I inadvertently lost 60 lbs, and completed the race successfully. And I became a half- marathon distance runner, completing a total of 15 half-marathons!


A simple class laid the foundation for greater goal setting, a journey of self discovery, and a step up in my career with a $15K raise! The journey continues..."


-D. H.

"By taking classes at the San Jose Psychic Institute I have learned about myself, gotten rid of fears and learned to recognize energy around me. Now I am able to work what I call, 'little miracles,' and 'big miracles,' from finding special things in stores to buying a condo in Santa Cruz."


-R d.S
Clairvoyant Student

"SJPI was the best decision I've ever made. I can't remember how I found the place, but it truly keeps giving. In these past 2 years taking 6-week classes, and now after joining the Clairvoyant Program, I've learned about things and abilities I never thought existed. My anxieties have disappeared since finding their spiritual root causes; I've learned how to look at past-lives whenever I want. And I’ve learned to read the truths of any situation. What's more amazing is realizing I was always this powerful, and that so many other people are similarly capable. The community support while at SJPI also makes this journey all the more safe and exciting! It's special when you can join a class like this, fearless of any negative spiritual encounters, while developing your skills to prevent that very thing."


-Joann Pham

"One of the greatest transformations that I've seen in my life since I started at San Jose Psychic Institute has been in my professional career. I was at my previous job for 5.5 years, and for nearly half of that I was very unhappy. I felt stifled and blocked from moving up even though I had been a top performing rep and part of an award-winning team for all 5 years."


"Learning to manifest and create for myself helped me move out fear and doubt from my space, allowing me to focus on creating my next opportunity that was more in line with my career and financial goals. I recently started an opportunity with one of the best companies in the Bay Area. It has been everything I have dreamed of, including a vertical jump from inside sales to a field role, an exponential pay increase, and a manager who enables reps to grow to their full potential. I am now happy walking into the office everyday!"



"When I signed up for Meditation I I had no idea it would lead to more classes and more spiritual gifts and adventure. Most importantly, the experience at San Jose Psychic Institute has taught me that I am a very capable spirit who is capable of extraordinary things. My first mock-up became a reality when my father gave me a beautiful, new car within a few days of setting my intention! I'm excited to experience what I will learn next!"


-Toni A.

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