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Intuition  - Awareness - Creativity

Are you searching outside yourself for what can only be found within? Learn about your inherent spiritual and creative abilities by connecting to your kingdom within...where all things are possible.

Start with Meditation I because it is the foundation for all classes and The Clairvoyant Program. Most are 6-week classes that meet once a week for two hours.

Reach spirit.  Give it a shot; you have everything to gain!

Meditation I
Thursdays, Sept 14 - Oct 19
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before Sept 8
Open To All

Meditation is you, as a spirit, communicating with and through your body. Reclaim that temple, the sanctuary of your soul. In this timeless practice, you will uncover who you are and how capable you are. Tap into a realm “where all things are possible”.


  •  A spiritual tool called 'grounding' to release pain out of your body and replenish with your highest life-force energy
  • The temple for your attention inside of your head.  As spirit, wherever  you place your attention is what you are being
  • Your aura, your creative energy field around your body and how to protect your energy
  • How to run your spiritual energy through your body in a way that feels good and is both fun and healing
  • How to raise your 'Havingness!'  As spirit it is your birthright to have, do, and be anything 
  • The 'Mock-Up' tool.  This is how you as spirit create and manifest.  See what others have created by reading the testimonial page

Join us.  Your Kingdom Awaits!

Women's Intuition
Tuesdays, Sept 12 - Oct 17
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before Sept 8
*Prerequisite: Meditation I, 

Wrap yourself into the highest form of creativity on planet earth, your female creative essence.  Feel it's unimaginable that is stored inside of you...Your female body.

This energy creates life!

But what do you do with this creativity while you are not pregnant?  Realize, as a female, you have this power, this magical essence of creation.  Bring forth anything...and everything.

Learn how to...

  • Uncover and use your female creative essence to create for yourself instead of unconsciously creating for others
  • Clear out the emotions of other peoples energy that you are managing
  • Ground out the unconscious energies that hide the gifts stored in your female body
  • Communicate and work with a "Healing Mistress"
  • Nurture yourself in wellness with your energy  (It's like having a calm spa that is inside of you)

Erasure Lectures
Friday, Sept 29 At 6:30 - 9:30 PM  And Saturday, Sept 30 At 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Contribution: $100
* Prerequisite  Clairvoyant Program

Taught by Rev. Marc Shargel, Rev. Benedicte Last, Rev. Jon Cooke, and Rev. Judith Catalano

This Autumns Erasure Lecture is set at Capri Grotto Blue, Blessed are we to have and express our total spiritual creativity in our physical body.

Being in a room full of other psychics working in a group is a powerful experience.  Join us for CCSG Erasure Lecture Retreat.  We will be giving to ourselves by releasing competition and isolation, control and fear energies out of our space.  We are closing doorways that lead to unsavory energies that do not work in present time or this creative universe.  We are diving in and moving out the deep seated pictures that spider and snake beings sneak in on.  The Lecture is set to totally clean out and reclaim your highest creative spiritual essence.  To assist you, the closing lecture is focused on re-setting and experiencing your havingness energy inside of  your body.

The Lectures will end with healings that validate the new relaxed, happy, and creative space that you have set up for yourself.
Let the miracles begin!

Monthly Workshops
Are you curious, but not sure if you are ready for a 6-week class?  Check out our monthly workshop.  We explore a different psychic topic each month.  Check our Events List.
Contribution: $25  Open To All

Usually on the 4th Sunday of the month  10:30 am–1:00 pm


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