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Clairvoyance - Healing - Miracles

Are you searching outside yourself for what can only be found within? Learn about your inherent spiritual and creative abilities by connecting to your kingdom within...where all things are possible.

Start with Meditation I because it is the foundation for all classes and The Clairvoyant Program. Most are 6-week classes that meet once a week for two hours.

Reach spirit.  Give it a shot; you have everything to gain!

A Class In Self-Discovery: Meditation I
Thursdays, Jan 4 - Feb 8
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Contribution: $240
Open To All

This is a different type of meditation than you may be used to.  We do not teach you how to breath, sit in a lotus position, quite your mind, or contemplate.  

Our meditation is you, as a spirit, communicating with and through your body. Reclaim that temple, the sanctuary of your soul. In this timeless practice, you will uncover who you are, a spiritual being, and how to use your spiritual abilities in your physical body. Tap into a realm “where all things are possible”.  Or as Jesus called it "The kingdom of God within you."  Hello!


  •  A spiritual tool called 'grounding' that you can use to release pain out of your body
  • Your highest life-force essence and how to bring that into your body
  • The temple for your attention inside of your head.  As spirit, wherever  you place your attention is what you are being & creating.  Learn how to safely "be you" and create for yourself.
  • Your aura, the creative energy field around your body and how to protect your space and energy
  • How to run your spiritual energy through your body in a way that feels good and is both fun and healing
  • How to raise your 'Havingness!'  As spirit you are a creator and it is your birthright to have, do, and be anything 
  • The 'Mock-Up' tool.  This is a spiritual tool that you can use to create and manifest with.  (See what others have created by reading the testimonial page)

Join us.  Your Kingdom Awaits!

Healing I
Saturdays, Jan 6 - Feb 10 
10:00 AM - Noon
Contribution: $240
*Prerequisite: A Class In Self-Discovery: Meditation I

Do you know that you have the incredible spiritual ability to heal?

In this 6-week class you will learn how to unleash that innate power. One that can heal you within while you are healing others.  What's more, you can call upon your very own powerful guide known as a 'Healing Master'.  Your Healing Master's special ability is shared with you, which also can be used in your personal healing goals and mock-up space.

Learn to:

  • Heal others and not take on their illnesses
  • Call back your own healing energy and use it for yourself
  • Essentially receive the same healing as you are healing others
  • Build your relationship with your Healing Master
  • Feel energy and change energy with your hand chakras

You're invited to join us!

Your Miracle Energy
Thursdays, Dec 14 - 28
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Contribution: $150
*Prerequisite: Meditation I, 

'Tis The Season For Our Annual Miracle Energy 3 Part Workshop!

A Miracle is defined as having an experience that everyone else say's is Impossible.

Rev. Judith Catalano has been creating miracle all her life and is excited to show you how you can too!

People often refer to a new born baby as a miracle.  That is because we are intuitively seeing the pure energy of that 'Being' inside of it's brand new body.  We are witness to it's miracle essence.  So what happens to our miracle energy as we grow up?  What causes us in life to forget who we truly are?  More Importantly, how do we call our divinity back to ourselves and play with our miracle energy in our daily lives?

  • Discover what your miracle energy looks like and give yourself a healing with that vibration
  • Experience  spiritual energy work to clean out the non-havingness form your space
  • Enjoy a complementary psychic reading about your miracle energy by the graduates of our Clairvoyant Program

Magnify Your Havingness
Tuesdays, Dec 5 - Jan 9
6:30 - 9:30 PM
Contribution: $250
* Prerequisite:  Clairvoyant Program

Taught by Rev. Judith Catalano

In today's modern era of technological gadgets our energy and attention is bombarded with distractions that points and pulls us to everywhere except within ourselves, coincidentally, that is right where our havingness and creativity is located.

In this 6-week class you will be giving to yourself, focusing your attention back to those things within you that you wish to have, do, and be.  Remember you already are a miracle and all you have to do is find and move out those energies that say otherwise.

We will be exchanging clairvoyant readings and deprogramings that are focused on taking an in-depth look at what is effecting your havingness space:  Say goodbye to control, approval, effort, family, and atheist energy.  We will be doing a variety of healings that are designed for you to atone to the God Of Your Heart space, changing the energetic frequencies in your havingness space.  

Change effort into ease, control into freedom, no into yes, apathy into enthusiasm, and your mock-ups into physical reality!

Monthly Workshops
Are you curious, but not sure if you are ready for a 6-week class?  Check out our monthly workshop.  We explore a different psychic topic each month.  Check our Events List.
Contribution: $25  Open To All

Usually on the 4th Sunday of the month  10:30 am–1:00 pm


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