Intuition  - Awareness - Creativaty

Are you searching outside yourself for what can only be found within? Learn about your inherent abilities by connecting to your kingdom within...where all things are possible.

Start with Meditation I because it is the prerequisite for all classes and The Clairvoyant Program. Most are 6-week classes that meet once a week for two hours.

Reach spirit.  Give it a shot; there is everything to gain!


Classes Meditation

Meditation I
Tuesdays, March 28 - May 2
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before March 20
Open To All

Meditation is you, as a spirit, communicating with and through your body. Reclaim that temple, the sanctuary of your soul. In this timeless practice, you will uncover who you are and how capable you really are. Tap into a realm “where all things are possible”.



  • Your natural healing energy already inside of you
  • The ability to ground and connect into the world
  • How to bring in your highest life-force energy
  • Basic principles on creating safe boundaries in your relationships
  • Steps to easily manifest the things that you want and bring you joy


Join us.  Your Kingdom Awaits!

Healing II
Saturdays, April 1 - May 6
10:00 AM - Noon
Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before March 20
*Prerequisite: Meditation I, Healing I

Heal your spirit and your spirit heals the body!

This class will build on your skills from Healing I and exercise more healing modalities.  You will begin to master your healing abilities and improve your ability to work with another spirit.  You will be invited to work with and communicate with another Healing Master; a "Psychic Surgeon" will be introduced in this class.  Psychic Surgeons are Healing Masters that work on a physical level.

Learn how to...

  • Remove energetic cords out of chakras
  • Do healings on a physical and cellular level
  • Give and receive relationship healings
  • Give a long distance healing   (Check out a testimonial on the Healing page.  That healing was done by beginning 6-week students)
  • smooth out and heal energy whacks, rips, and tears in an aura

Men's I
Thursdays, March 30 - May 4
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before March 20
*Prerequisite: meditation I

Finally, a class that is just for men.

Men's healing teaches you about male energy, the spiritual energy that powers your body, and how to use it to empower your life.  Learn male grounding, running male energy, healing yourself, reclaiming your male life-force energy, having your own male spirituality, male cooperation,and forgiveness, and more...

Divine Healing Class:
Calling In A New Healing Master
Sunday, April 9
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Contribution: $40
*Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Program

Healers will learn the "how to's" of calling in a brand new Healing Master.  Find out where they are located in the astral plane, how to do a Healing Master interview, and clear out all of your karma with that being.  Taking this step brings back more of your life-force essence for you to use and enjoy in the here and now. 

Erasure Lectures
Friday, March 24  6:30 - 9:30 PM
Saturday, March 24  9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Contribution:  $100  
*Prerequisite:  Clairvoyant Program

It's Time for a spiritual Spring Cleaning!

Friday evening Lecture is 'Spiders and Snakes'  This lecture is designed to lite up these little bad boys in your space so that you can move them out.  Moving out spider and snake energy releases their essence of fear and punishment, guilt and blame.  We will be exchanging readings that hold the space that supports your ability to erase and allows you to replenish, bringing in your fresh, brand new, present time creative, life-force energy.

Saturday we have three lectures lined up for you:
 9:30 - 11:45 Report Stations.  This is a powerful space for psychics to call back your information from the cosmos.  You will be doing erasures and exchanging readings on report stations.  This validates your spiritual ability to be free, senior, and amused anywhere in the universe!  
1:15 - 3:00 Rev. Jon Cooke, Machine energy extraordinaire, will guide you through erasing machines out of your chakra system that no longer serve you.  This enables you to move and create in your body with far more ease and freedom.
3:15 - 4:30   Now that you are clean and shinny, Rev. Judith Catalano will lead you through a meditation to locate and erase spiders and snakes out of the physical spaces your body dwells in such as your home or office.  This, of course, allows you to have new, wide open space, and a clean slate for you to enjoy all of the fun new things and experience that you chose to create  next.  We will finish this event by having  pain-ridge healings.    Enjoy! 



Monthly Workshops
Are you curious, but not sure if you are ready for a 6-week class?  Check out our monthly workshop.  We explore a different psychic topic each month.  Check our Events List.
Contribution: $25  Open To All

Usually on the 4th Sunday of the month  10:30 am–1:00 pm


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