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Peace - Intuition - Spiritual Awareness

Are you searching outside yourself for what can only be found within? Learn about your inherent spiritual and creative abilities by connecting to your kingdom within...where all things are possible.

Start with Tap Into Your True Self because it is the foundation for all classes and The Clairvoyant Program. Most are 6-week classes that meet once a week for two hours.

Reach spirit.  Give it a shot; you have everything to gain!

Tap Into Your True Self
Date To Be Announced
Contribution: $240
Open To All

A Class Of Spiritual Self-Discovery

You can learn a form of meditation that begins with "mindfulness" techniques, and leads to unlocking your inner intuitive knowledge as a spirit, communicating with and through your body. Reclaim that temple, the sanctuary of your soul. you will uncover who you truly are, a spiritual being, and how to use your spiritual abilities in your physical body. Tap into a still place within where all things are possible!  


  •  Your spiritual ability to ground and release pain out of your physical body
  • Your highest life-force energy & how to use that in your body
  • A temple for your attention inside of your head.  As spirit, wherever  you place your attention is what you are being & creating.  Learn how to safely "be you" and create for yourself.
  • Your aura, Your creative energy field around your body and how to protect your space and energy
  • How to run your spiritual energy through your body in a way that feels good and is both fun and healing
  • How to raise your 'Havingness!'  As spirit you are a creator and it is your birthright to have, do, and be anything
  • Your 'Mock-Up' tool.  This is a spiritual tool that you can use to create and manifest with.  (See what others have created by reading the testimonial page)

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Healing Savant 2 day workshop
Wednesday, May 16 from 6:00  - 9:30 PM
Saturday, May 19 from 9:30 am - 6:30 PM
Contribution: $240
*prerequisite: Healing I

(Please take note that this is the first workshop of it's kind and it is only happening once.)
This class is for healers who know how work with a healing master and are ready to take a big step up in experiencing your healing abilities.  You will work with another healing master called a "psychic Surgeon."   One of it's many healing techniques is working  on a physical cellular level, but that's not all...

Working with Healing Masters is equivalent to being a boss and having your healing masters do things for you.  You will be working on your goals, mock-ups, and personal healing projects while assigning certain tasks for your healing master to take care of for you.

Part 1 on Wednesday we will work on what it is like to heal energy and how that effects you on a physical level.  You will learn how to do a cellular healing.  This class will happen online.  I will be using zoom a webinar program that is so easy that even I can use it.  I will send you all of the details when you sign up for class.

Part 2 on Saturday will happen at 19655 Allendale Ave Saratoga, CA 95070.  (In a portable in the Saratoga Community Center parking lot.)

You will experience that your healings are real.  The different types we will by playing with are:  Long distance, love life and relationships, releasing entities out of an aura, and more on working with your own personal healing entourage.
If you have a question please feel free to call me, Judith at 408-879-0944.

Until then, be bright, and I look forward to seeing you experience this for yourself!


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Monthly Workshops
Are you curious, but not sure if you are ready for a 6-week class?  Check out our monthly workshop.  We explore a different psychic topic each month.  Check our Events List.
Contribution: $25  Open To All

Usually on the 4th Sunday of the month  10:30 am–1:00 pm


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