Intuition  - Awareness - Creativaty

Are you searching outside yourself for what can only be found within? Learn about your inherent abilities by connecting to your kingdom within...where all things are possible.

Start with Meditation I because it is the prerequisite for all classes and The Clairvoyant Program. Most are 6-week classes that meet once a week for two hours.

Reach spirit.  Give it a shot; there is everything to gain!


Classes Meditation

Meditation I
Saturdays, May 13 - June 17
10:00 AM - Noon
Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before May 5
Open To All

Meditation is you, as a spirit, communicating with and through your body. Reclaim that temple, the sanctuary of your soul. In this timeless practice, you will uncover who you are and how capable you really are. Tap into a realm “where all things are possible”.



  • Your natural healing energy already inside of you
  • The ability to ground and connect into the world
  • How to bring in your highest life-force energy
  • Basic principles on creating safe boundaries in your relationships
  • Steps to easily manifest the things that you want and bring you joy


Join us.  Your Kingdom Awaits!

Women's Intuition 
Thursdays, May 11 - June 15
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Contribution: $240, or $220 by enrolling online before May 5
*Prerequisite: Meditation I, 

Wrap yourself into the highest form of creativity on planet earth, your creative essence.  Feel it's unimaginable power that is stored inside of you...Your female body.

This energy creates life!

But what do you do with this energy while you are not pregnant?  Realize, as a female, you have this power, this magical essence of 
creation.  Bring forth anything...and everything.

Learn how to...

  •     Uncover and use your female essence to creative for yourself instead of unconsciously creating for others
  •    Clear out the energy of other peoples emotions that you are managing
  •    Ground out the unconscious energy that hide the gifts stored in the female body
  •    You will receive a Healing Mistress, She is a type of Healing Master that specifically does healings for you
  •    Nurture yourself in wellness with your energy  (It is like having a calm spay that is inside of you)

Join us and emabrace a new YOU!


Workshop:  The Hidden Mystery Of Tarot
Sunday, April 23
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Contribution:  $25
Open To All 

The Hidden Mystery of Tarot taught by Rev. Judith Catalano
...This you wont learn in books!

This is a wonderful opportunity to invite your curios friends and family.  There are sooo many people interested in this subject.

It is one thing to look at the cards and reveal the words written in a book, and quite another to extract the life-force contained
in the Images.  Reading the Tarot is not intellectual, but mystical...spiritual, and healing.

The Tarot speaks the language of the soul.
What are you creating?
Want some clarity?
Are you on your path?
Come see for yourself.  Let the tarot show you how simple it is!

Join us.  We will explore the elements of Tarot.
Come to the core.  Get a reminder of your infinite spirit creating in the body





Workshop:  Communicating With Nature
Sunday, May 28
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Contribution:  $25
Open To All 

Taught by Rev. Mary Gist, Naturalist and organic gardener since 1986

You can communicate with plants, nature spirits, and Mother Earth.  Enjoy this experience learning to speak with and listen to the stories and wisdom this entities share with you.  What is a nature spirit and how do the try to communicate with you?  
What do plant need besides water, air, and sun?  Say 'Hello' to Mother Earth, Gaia and hear what enchanting stories to she has to share with you!

Like all of our workshops, this one is MAGICAL!








Monthly Workshops
Are you curious, but not sure if you are ready for a 6-week class?  Check out our monthly workshop.  We explore a different psychic topic each month.  Check our Events List.
Contribution: $25  Open To All

Usually on the 4th Sunday of the month  10:30 am–1:00 pm


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